Retirement Insurance

Insurance For Retirement Accounts

If a disability happens, most people struggle to meet living expenses and they stop funding their retirement accounts.

Orion offers specialized disability products that will fund a retirement trust account on their behalf.

Why Your Client Should Care

In the event of a disability, the financial struggle that typically occurs tends to shrinks retirement funding options, even if traditional disability insurance is in place. To make matters worse, group and individual disability policies typically terminate at age 65.

How Orion Can Make You The Hero

Orion can support you in guiding your client through the selection of a retirement disability insurance policy. While the client is disabled, the policy can fund up to nearly $50,000 a year into an irrevocable trust. This money is invested on the behalf of the client per their risk tolerance. The proceeds of the trust are then turned over the client at either age 65 or 67.

Shaping Perceptions

Ask your client the following:

  • With your current disability benefit and your current expenses, how would you save for your retirement?
  • Are you aware that your disability policy will terminate at age 65?  What will you do for money when that happens?
  • How much money have your invested into your retirement account?
  • How many more years do you need to save for retirement? What if we could ensure that all of those future payments are insured in the event that you cannot make those payments because you became sick or injured?