Broker Support

Broker Support

We’re here to make sure you build and maintain a strong relationship with your clients — a relationship where you’re the full-service partner that can meet any need.

You can drive increased loyalty and revenue with a turnkey approach that minimizes the time you spend on a sale, but also increases your close ratio.

This approach includes:

  • Gap Analysis – We’ll build a presentation around client’s current DI benefit gap.
  • Solution Presentation – We’ll present one or more custom tailored solutions for your client.
  • Sale Assistance – We can help with the initial fact-finding, meetings and close of the sale.

You can drive new opportunities with your existing clients and open doors with new prospects. Grow revenue with the support of a trusted advisor that has over 15 years of experience working with Lloyds of London and top disability carriers.

Orion is unique, responsive, innovative and hands-on. Our solutions are not for all clients, just those that have needs that the traditional disability market cannot serve.

We are here to quickly and efficiently help you identify your client’s needs, present solutions in simple terms and place coverage. Our goal is to help you enjoy the rewards of building positive client perceptions.